At AreaMovil, we are in constant evolution, always looking to innovate and work with latest generation technologies. Because of this, we offer services that help our clients enter into the digital transformation era, developing tools together with them that help generate value and growth.

Artificial intelligence

We automate complex processes via the creation of effective systems and products that foster technological development and that ultimately, transform lives.

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Mobile development

We have the talent for producing easy-to-use applications that can be executed quickly via revolutionary, high-quality processes.

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Development consulting

We create custom-made structures and models so that entities can sculpt organizational strategic thinking that is strong and agile.

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Software consulting

We develop ideas and convert them into unequalled products; our interfaces boast cutting-edge technologies that back digital transformation.

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Quality process / testing

We guarantee the effectiveness and high functionality of each digital product we evaluate, certifying its capacity to satisfy the user´s needs.

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UX/UI design

We have achieved the best experiences by being digital “disruptors” that create memorable interfaces—we have deep knowledge of the user and generate novel solutions.

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